Write a letter and win a computer!

Cub Scout Computers Belt Loop

Cub Scout Computers Belt Loop

Could your Cub Scout use a new computer?  A lucky scout in our Pack could win a computer for writing a one page letter to President of Tandy Leather (who donated the computer) stating how scouting has positively affected their life and how they will use the computer toward self-improvement.  The contest is only open to scouts in our district, so they have a pretty good chance!  Here are the rules:

1. Scouts (youth) of all ages are eligible to enter.
2. The letters may be hand written or typed but must be written by the scout
and not a leader or parent.
3. Each scout regardless of age may submit only one letter.
4. The letter must include their name, unit, and personal address.
5. Each letter must be received no later than November 29, 2013. They may be
emailed to scoutcomputer@gmail.com.
6. The Key 3 will act as the judges and their decision will be final.
7. The winning Scout will be asked to have his picture taken receiving the
computer from his Cubmaster.
8. We will ask that the picture and a small thank you note be sent to Tandy
Leather thanking them for supporting the Boy Scouts of America.

You can turn your scouts’ letter into your Den Leader and they will take care of getting it entered.


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